Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Relance: Compress

This one is a shameless self-promotion as I am the Art Director responsible for this TV Advert for Relance, a new Portuguese magazine covering various subject matters, such as Design, Fashion, Architecture, Food, etc. One of the reasons I have been so busy, and haven't been able to post much. Hope you guys like it. Do give me your feedback and let me know what you think.

The concept of the ad is that the subjects are being compressed into the magazine.
We had a purpose built machine to smash the objects, and then we filmed them with a special high speed camera, which I'm sure some of you guys already know, called Phantom. This impressive camera films at 1000fps in High Definition. The process was a lot of fun and very unpredictable. You just want to keep smashing stuff and trying new things.

Voice over says: "A mindful look at everything contemporaneous."

Agency: Uzina (Lisbon, Portugal)
Creative Director: Gustavo Suarez
Art Director: André Breda
Copywriter: Bob Ferraz
Account Director: António Roquette
Production Company: Garage Films (Lisbon, Portugal)
Director: Enrique Escamilla
Photography Director: Carlos Lopes (a.k.a Cácá)
Executive Producer: Miguel Varela
Editor: Marcos Castiel
Post-production Director: Marta Metrass
Post-Production: Ingreme (Lisbon, Portugal)
Phantom Operator: Raoul Rodriguez
Music Supervision: Level Two Music (Australia)
Song: QUA - Painting Monsters
Composer: Cornel Wilczek
Sound post-production: Ameba (Lisbon, Portugal)


tumblrone said...

Well done! I really like the concept behind it. I miss some open shots of the machine or its surroundings. I feel like I'm trapped inside it. I know that's the whole idea but still. And another thing. Some over speed shots in between "stuff-soon-to-be-smashed-shots" could have worked really well.

But I really liked the outcome. =) I bet you have a ton of "bloopers" or mis-haps.

Gostava de ver isto num big-ass plasma.:D O youtube arrasta-se nalgumas partes.

Advertising etc said...

Thanks tumblrone!
Well, the machine was purpose built and it wasn't very pretty, so we choose not to show it, plus the focus really is on the objects.

We had quite a lot of material, some stuff that worked really well, some stuff that didn't, one or two "bloopers" :p The beauty of the objects being crushed seen through the Phantom...you could do a feature film!

I would of loved to crush a big ass plasma on the machine while the ad was playing ;)

Felix said...

Great spot, Andrew.
I wish we could see more of these everyday.
I believe advertising is also about creating moments. Your spot exemplifies that.

Advertising etc said...

Cheers Felix!
I wish i could do more of these everyday :p

GolfAgency Staff said...

I enjoyed the advertisement. Its quite unique. I do enjoy the fragile objects for crushing.

Advertising etc said...

Cheers golfagency staff.

i.designthis said...

Great work Andre, very nice images and very powerful.

Advertising etc said...

Thanks i.designthis :)

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